my wages have been garnished and i have little to survive on right now


Hi, I’m sorry these posts are like an eye sore to everyone following me but i’m in a pretty shitty situation, so i hope you all can understand!


^This is the current best pic of me, to prove I’m a real person lol. i’m a poor, mixed black and pinoy person who knows how to do makeup sometimes 

if you haven’t already seen it, the story of how my wages got garnished by my student bill collection agency is here. The collections agency is taking pretty much half my paycheck per month and I can’t even make rent with that amount. So far I have enough to be alright for April, but since I will need help in the following months, I am trying to get the entire amount due and paid off as soon as possible so I won’t have to ask for help anymore.

Art Commissions are currently closed, but if you are interested regardless, you can enter a google form here. I have calculated costs to reflect my current need, and it has went down significantly since February, which I am very, very grateful for. Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far.

Current Amount: $0 / $2235.63

If you send me hate about this I’m going to block you on the basis that you don’t like seeing people ask for help online. Any amount anyone can spare will help me, even $1. Some people have given a couple of dollars, and that has made all the difference! Ko-fi allows you to donate in intervals of $3, you can send any amount with Paypal and Cashapp.

Send money to:



Cashapp: $yakfrost

and if you can’t send anything to help, a boost is well appreciated!